Harmonic Technology Pro-9 Reference SE2009 speaker cables

by Robert H. Levi, Positive-Feedback Online, Mar/Apr 2009

The boys at Harmonic Technology never rest. They are driven by supreme audiophile Jim Wang to improve their designs and indeed they do! I wrote about the under-priced and over-performing Pro-9 Reference bi-wire speaker cable, the first cable in their reference series, just two years ago. It was a terrific speaker wire and one I used as reference against many more expensive designs. [Even ARC used it at RMAF in 2007.] The 2009 version, now shipping, pushes its performance so far that you must, absolutely must, check out a trade-in immediately of your original version.

Yes, you have read it before, why consider a more expensive cable with the Pro-9 2009 around. The retail price is $1499 for Spade connections and $1699 for Banana connections for 2.5 meters, external bi-wire. Its convenient connection of one pair of spades on one end and a pair of spades and a pair of bananas on the other is still there. However, the cable is more flexible …make that very flexible…and the tweeter wire is now about 80% as big as the woofer wire. HT uses more high tech Teflon insulation increasing the isolation of the wires. They are 100% super pure single crystal copper. I love their added flexibility for winding around tight corners.

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