Digital Silver III (75-ohm)

Harmonic Technology Digital Silver III (75-ohm)
Harmonic Technology’s Digital Sliver III, terminated in either single-ended RCA or BNC, is a 75-Ohm coaxial digital cable manufactured with our proprietary Single Crystal (OCC) silver conductor. The Digital Silver III digital cable allows for the highest level of signal purity in a coaxial design – especially in the midrange and treble frequencies. Harmonic richness is greatly increased due to the elimination of crystal boundaries and impurities that can disrupt the integrity of the complex harmonic digital waveform. Using the world’s best connectors and insulation materials, the Digital Silver III is one of the most accurate and pleasing digital cables on the market. Harmonic Technology’s Digital Silver III is a great choice in almost any high-end system where musicality is a must.


Harmonic Technology’s Digital Silver III ensures a delicate harmonic structure of the complex digital bit-stream is kept utterly intact. You will instantly notice a significant elimination of “grain” and “fuzz” which you previously felt was part of the digital experience. The background becomes “black” and completely silent, with more harmonic richness in the important midrange than you have ever experienced from a digital cable. Imaging becomes three-dimensional and holographic, with more tonal “body” and depth to the sound field. The Digital Silver III is truly an exceptional product.

Technical Data

Details RCA Terminations BNC Terminations
Capacitance per foot 16 pF 16 pF
Inductance per foot 0.51 uH 0.51 uH
Resistance per foot 0.015 Ohm 0.015 Ohm