Melody Link III

Harmonic Technology Melody Link III
Harmonic Technology’s HT Melody Link III, which is available in both a single-ended RCA connection and a balanced XLR configuration, is the most cost-effective approach for those who want the best performance at the best value available in an interconnect cable. It utlizes our world-renowned (OCC) Single Crystal™ silver and copper conductors, and has special structure of a pair of solid conductor & stranded conductor with triple shielding to provide the best performance at reasonable price point. The HT Melody Link III provides exceptional clarity and tonal balance.



Technical Data

Details RCA Terminations XLR Terminations
Capacitance per foot 40 pF 40 pF
Inductance per foot 0.48 uH 0.46 uH
Resistance per foot 0.008 Ohm 0.009 Ohm