Magic Power III AC-10 ACM

Harmonic Technology has recently introduced an improved version of our top lines Power cord that is Harmonic Horizon Reference Power cord for Audiophile and Videophile.

As everybody knows that each component requires a very stable, noise-free power cord to achieve to the best performance.


What is the major improvement of this power cord? This MP III  (Magic Power III AC-10 ACM) power cord will assist you for your component to have a quieter background; (i.e. you don’t hear anything while there is no music). When the music comes, this product can assist to provide you the best musical masterpieces over and over again from this component.

Few years ago, we have released the Magic Reference 2 SE Power cord which has been proved to be the best power cord available at the time. The Magic Reference II Special Edition Power Cord was the winner of the 2009-2013 Absolute Sound Golden Ear Award. This Power Cord has been improved and even better performance than the Magic Reference 2 Power Cord.

The Magic Horizon Reference Power Cord has uniquely designed to filter both high and lower frequency noise as well as middle frequency range distortions with absolutely no interference from the most desired levels of power. The “PureAC module” also filters the most undesirable DC component interference that can be present from an AC source. Harmonic Technology has added a final touch to the Magic Horizon Reference Power Cord with its ability to distinguish and filter all low amplitude noise, making this the most uncolored and articulate power cord available.

Also, this product is not a power conditional; therefore there is a maximum load of 800 W for this power cord.

Product Specifications

Conductors: Total of 10 AWG
Material: Single Crystal OCC silver power cord
Insulation: UL/CL3 and Ethylene Propylene (PE) insulation
Power Rating: Used for AC sources between 100 to 240 V
Connectors: IEC 15 or 20 AMP
Wall Plug: US/EU
Damage Threshold: Maximum of 2400 W of peak power or peak current of 20 A at 110V or 10 A at 220V
Constant Load: Maximum of 800 W

Audiophilia: Harmonic Technology Magic Audio HDMI 1.4A High Speed Cable

by Roy Harris, March 2011

This is the third in a series of reviews of HDMI cables. This cable differs fromthe Cardas and Audioquest in that its conductors are copper, without silver plating. In addition, like the Audioquest, there is an aarow at one end. Jim Wang, president of Harmonic Technology, informed me that directionality is important for lengths greater than 7 meters. Lengths less than 7 meters do not impact the sound regardless of orientation.

Since this is the third review of HDMI cable, I wanted to include an explanation as to the reason(s) for auditioning these cables. Essentially, it is in response to PS Audio’s assertion that its power wave transport and dac is optimized, sonically when using I2S via HDMI. According to Steve Nugent of Empirical Audio, PS Audio uses the HDMI connector for their differential I2S, having nothing to do with the HDMI spec. They are just using the connector. A technician at PS Audio has stated that the quality of the shielding and conductors affects noise, and that two HDMI cables may reveal differences in frequency response, but the latter has not been tested by him. I believe that if there were no difference in the performance of HDMI cables when using their digital hardware, eventually such information would be revealed to the user.

I applied the same break-in procedue as used for the Audioquest and Cardas cables, namely, 1 week (about 42 hours) from cable box to TV, followed by 24 hours of a signal between transport and DAC.

Cable Construction
Metal is all copper, 22 strands. Gauge is 24AWG. Geometry satisfies the 1.4 specification. Dielectic is polyethylene. Connectors are gold plated copper. Conductors are soldered to connectors using silver solder. Jim Wang suggested that silver plating exaggerates the impact of the skin effect.

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by Roger Gordon, February 2011

INEX Innovation/Harmonic Technology – The equipment in this roomm consisted of Marten Getz speakers with INEX CD Player ($7500), INEX Pre-A200 preamp ($12,000), INEX mono block amps ($14,000 which includes one pair of 5m interconnects), and all cables by Harmonic Technology. Each time I visit the INEX room at the shows, the sound keeps improving. This year was no exception. I was able to play quite a few tracks on my test CDs in this room. No matter what type or genre of music I played, the sound was very good.

Harmonic Technology system with Marten speakers
Harmonic Technology system with Marten speakers

Harmonic Technology CES 2011 room with the complete line of INEX electronics
Harmonic Technology CES 2011 room with the complete line of INEX electronics

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by Rick Becker, September 2010

The Harmonic Technology Photon Digital Cable brought such sonic purity to CD playback that it challenged my belief that I needed to upgrade my vintage Muse DAC. Quick on the attack as well as the decay, the space between the notes was silent except for the micro-dynamics of low level room tone when present on the recording. Being used with Class A tube preamp and Monoblocks, the Photon created a large and transparent soundscape with exquisite detail and delineation of position. Perhaps because it breaks the electrical ground between the transport and the DAC, the Photon seems to divide and conquer the noise generated in each of those components. It placed me a little further back from the stage than I’m accustomed, but I could hear more of the music and I was more engaged by it. Though it is completely neutral, it caters particularly well to left brain analytical type listeners. However, if the rest of your system is equally high in quality, the music will likely be enjoyed by all. I don’t normally endorse such expensive cables, but Jim Wang’s Photon Digital, with it’s extraordinary application of opto electrical isolation technology, forces me to break my own rule. Read the full review and if at all possible listen for yourself.

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Harmonic Technology’s Magic Reference II Special Edition Power Cord Wins The Absolute Sound 2009 Golden Ear Award

by Sue Kraft, The Absolute Sound, Jun/Jul 2009

The Absolute Sound Golden Ear Award 2009

Harmonic Technology Reference II Special Edition Power Cord impressed straight away with substantially improved clarity, smoothness, and definition that stretched up and down the frequency spectrum and everywhere in-between. It will simply peel away the AC line impurities and replace them with heavenly neutrality.