EnjoytheMusic.com Best of 2010 Blue Note Equipment Awards

by Rick Becker, September 2010

The Harmonic Technology Photon Digital Cable brought such sonic purity to CD playback that it challenged my belief that I needed to upgrade my vintage Muse DAC. Quick on the attack as well as the decay, the space between the notes was silent except for the micro-dynamics of low level room tone when present on the recording. Being used with Class A tube preamp and Monoblocks, the Photon created a large and transparent soundscape with exquisite detail and delineation of position. Perhaps because it breaks the electrical ground between the transport and the DAC, the Photon seems to divide and conquer the noise generated in each of those components. It placed me a little further back from the stage than I’m accustomed, but I could hear more of the music and I was more engaged by it. Though it is completely neutral, it caters particularly well to left brain analytical type listeners. However, if the rest of your system is equally high in quality, the music will likely be enjoyed by all. I don’t normally endorse such expensive cables, but Jim Wang’s Photon Digital, with it’s extraordinary application of opto electrical isolation technology, forces me to break my own rule. Read the full review and if at all possible listen for yourself.

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