Magic Link III

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    • Harmonic Technology’s design team has spent a substantial amount of time and effort to research the most effective and innovative science and manufacturing process for the audio and video cable market.
    • We have received the Absolute Sound Editor’s Choice Awards every year since 2009.
    • MAGIC Link III is an interconnect using a unique hybrid blend of the finest high purity Single Crystal OCC silver and OCC copper conductors, each individually insulated with flexible PE and High Tech *Teflon.
    • This product represents the finest in signal transfer between your audio and video components and helps you fully recreate the “magic” of a recorded event in your home environment.
Magic Link III

Magic Link III

  • The MAGIC Link III offers the highest degree of stunning level of performance in transparency, timbre, micro and macro dynamic freedom, detail in the bass sound with a lower noise floor and more extension and air than any other interconnect in the market.
  • It delivers the optimum performance from your components and is the most uncolored and articulate interconnect ever built.
  • The low bass is still unbelievably fast and extremely controlled, offering a speed and pitch definition that truly brings the music and video to life.
  • The mid-range is deliciously rendered, with a vibrancy and truthfulness of timbre that actually breathes life into the recorded voices as well as those of the demanding instruments.
  • The treble is extended, smooth and detailed, without the “edge” and aggressiveness that is so often found in other cables.
  • The MAGIC Link III recreates the upper harmonics of instruments with a sense of detail and ease, but with none of the glare that can cause listening fatigue.
  • Harmonic Technology’s MAGIC Link III truly creates a stunning level of performance in transparency, timbre; precise imaging, micro- and macro-dynamic freedom, detailed bass sounds and articulation that are unprecedented within any other classic interconnect.

* Teflon is a registered trademark of Dupont 


Technical Data

Details RCA Terminations XLR Terminations
Capacitance per foot 50 pF 64 pF
Inductance per foot 0.20 uH 0.34 uH
Resistance per foot 0.004 Ohm 0.003 Ohm