Audioplilia : Harmonic Technology Melody Link MK III Interconnect Cable

by Roy Harris, July 2014

I was recently contacted by Miranda Billing, a representative of Harmonic Technology. She was previously associated with another company, Legenburg, whose cables I had reviewed, years ago. She asked me if I was interested in reviewing the latest version of the Melody Link interconnect, the Mark III version. After briefly perusing the company’s website, reading a description of the Melody Link MK III, I noticed that at the time, that there was no review of the cable linked to the website.

The Melody Link MK III, contains both continuous cast silver and copper wire. The combination, according to the company’s design engineers, is to provide a balanced frequency response and avoid an emphasis upon bass frequencies, given the particular cable design, which I will discuss shortly.

I own and have reviewed a Neotech single crystal silver cable and have owned a continuous cast copper cable. My experience with such cables is that its sound properties include a balanced frequency response and high resolution.

Cable Design
The geometry is balanced symmetric. There are 8 PE tubes arranged in a circle, and an additional hollow PE tube passing through the center of the cable. Continuous cast silver conductors are placed in the middle of two PE tubes on one side of the cable, and two continuous cast copper conductors are placed in the middle of two PE tubes on the other side of the cable. Thus, the conductors are parallel to each other and do not touch each other at any time. One conductor is solid core, the second is multi-gauge, multi-stranded. The 4 conductors combine to a thickness of 19 gauge.

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