Fantasy III AC-10 OCC Copper

Harmonic Technology Fantasy III AC-10 OCC Copper

Since the clarity of an audio or video signal can be greatly affected by the component’s power supply, it makes perfect engineering sense to provide your power supply with electricity which has been “conditioned” by Single Crystal purity. Harmonic Technology’s Fantasy AC-10 achieves the highest level of clarity by using only the finest high purity copper and by adapting more advanced Balanced Field Geometry cable design. Having a total gauge of 10, the Fantasy AC-10 has more Single Crystal copper than all other power cords on the market.



In addition, each individual conductor of the Fantasy AC-10 is insulated with formed polyethylene (PE) to reduce strand interactions. With more insulation than any other power cord available, the Fantasy AC-10 further eliminates and rejects RFI. Constructed using both a foil shield and a separate braided shield to “drain” away any unwanted electrical interference with the Fantasy AC-10, the component is now free of any electrical disturbance, including collision with crystalline barriers and impurities. The power supply of the component can now allow the audio or video signal to be processed without additional distortion.

The Fantasy AC-10 has more transparency, combined with less coloration and distortion from your electronic components, making it a magical upgrade to your system without changing any of your current components.


Product Specifications

Conductors: Total of 10 AWG
Material: Single Crystal OCC power cord
Insulation: UL/CL3 and Ethylene Propylene (PE) insulation
Power Rating: Used for AC sources between 100 to 240 V
Connectors: IEC 15 or 20 AMP
Wall Plug: US/EU



Pro-13 Reference Speaker Cable

After the successful launch of the Pro-9 Reference SE 2009 speaker cable, Harmonic Technology just released an outstanding Pro-13 Reference speaker cable.


Pro-9 Reference SE speaker cable


Catered for speakers that cannot be bi-wired, the Pro-13 Reference is the best alternative – having all the benefits of the Pro-9 Reference with just one less gauge (only 13 gauge). The Pro-13 Reference has a three-quarter inch diameter outer constructor by using 9 subgroups of various combinations of 20 AWG, 22 AWG and 24 AWG Single Crystal (OCC) Copper wires. It also contains Teflon tape wrapped around the PE, PP and PVB insulation.

Experience the joys of a live concert in the comforts of your own home with Harmonic Technology’s Pro-13 Reference speaker cable.

“The modest-looking system by Atlanta dealer Playhouse Audio was my final stop on the first day of the (Atlanta) Show but turned out to be one of the highlights of that day. Nola’s new three-way Contender speaker ($3400/pair) was being driven by Harmonic Technology: Pro-10 speaker cable and Magic 2 interconnects”
Posted by John Atkinson • Posted: Apr 17, 2011