Pro-7 Reference Armour

Harmonic Technology’s Pro-7 Reference Armour speaker cable (available in single-wire or bi-wire) is our Absolutepremium signature line of Harmonic Technology speaker cables.

It consist of a single crystal OCC litz copper wire plus a single crystal OCC silver plated litz copper wires with a symmetrical quad conductor design.

Both larger conductors have a double-layer of single crystal OCC litz wire with microporous Teflon® insulation.

The other two smaller conductors have a single crystal OCC silver plated litz copper wire with polyethylene central air tubing.

This unique cable design and superior conductor material make this speaker cable an acoustic achievement in precise detail and vivid holographic dimension to carry the best possible audio performance in your audio system.



Pro-9 Reference SE

Harmonic Technology’s Pro-9 Reference SE 2014’s version speaker cable, (available as a mono speaker wire, internal bi-wire or external bi-wire formats), is an improved version from previously released Pro-9 Plus speaker cables. We have completely re-designed the geometry designs as well as using the soft PE and High Tech *Teflon insulation. The only conductor material is Single Crystal Copper (OCC Copper). The Pro-9 Reference SE speaker cable has greatly improved the overall performance. We have also engaged design effort to improve the flexibility in particular for winding around tight corners.

Pro-9 Reference SE speaker cable


Pro-9 Ref. External Biwire Version Speaker Cable A.K.A. (shotgun biwire)

In a variety of lengths and terminations, the Pro-9 Ref. speaker cable could accommodate any of your speaker cable requirements. This speaker cable ensures the best signal transfer and greatly reduces inductance and capacitance for extremely accurate sound. The Pro-9 Reference is the best speaker cable available for any kind speakers to connect with any amplifiers.

This version speaker cable will easily outperform any existing speaker cables on the market. This speaker cable allows the bass to be very tight, yet extremely dynamic. The mid-range is exceptionally rich, with tremendous detail and harmonic completeness that borders on realism. The highs are very smooth and detailed, without the artificial “zing” that you may experience with other speaker cables. Harmonic Technology has delivered a speaker cable that allows the soundstage to bloom as large as your room — a holographic depth and roundness you simply must experience.

We have developed two distinct types of the Pro-9 Reference bi-wire speaker cable—an internal and an external version—in order to accommodate your varying needs and configurations.

Note: For a special handling with extra cost, your dealers can order the “BI-AMPING-SET which is the PRO-9 Reference external biwire speaker cable can has separated woofer and tweeter cable” for you.

The Pro-9 Reference Internal Bi-Wire

(A.K.A. standard biwire speaker cable)

The Pro-9 Internal Bi-Wire is similar to our previous Pro-9 Plus speaker cable, but it contains the Woofer set and Tweeter set within one jacket but in the separated compartments. The sample shown in the image represents a configuration where two spades are provided at the amp end and four spades are provided at the speaker end. The Pro-9 Reference Internal Bi-Wire is ideal for customers who prefer only one single jacket for each side of the speaker.

BB 2

Pro-9 Ref. Internal Biwire Speaker Cable

The Pro-9 Reference External Bi-Wire provides an unique design, where we have merged two separate sets—the Woofer set in the inner circle and the Tweeter set in the outer circle—at the amp end. This type of configuration is ideal for situations where your speaker has a larger than average distance between the “Woofer binding post” and the “Tweeter binding post”. The example below indicates a configuration where two spades are provided at the amp end as well as a spade on the Woofer binding post and a locking banana on the Tweeter binding post.

Mono Speaker Cable

(A.K.A. Full Strength; Full Range; non-biwire Speaker cable)

The Pro-9 Reference SE is also available as a Mono speaker cable. This cable is a newly-improved version with greater flexibility than our previous Pro-9 plus Mono Speaker cable.

BB 1

Pro-9 Reference Mono (Full Strength) Speaker Cable

* Teflon is a registered trademark of Dupont 

Pro-11 Reference Speaker Cable

Harmonic Technology’s Pro-11 Reference speaker cable is a major improvement from the Pro-11 Plus speaker cable. The cable continues to integrate 11 AWG Single Crystal (OCC) Copper wires, but includes a similar structure to our award-winning Pro-10 Reference speaker cables with the Teflon tape wrapped around PE, PP and PVC insulations. In addition, the Pro-11 Reference leverages more than one-half inch outer construction with 8 subgroups of 20-24 AWG OCC copper wires to create an even richer and full-bodied signature soundstage.



Pro-13 Reference Speaker Cable

After the successful launch of the Pro-9 Reference SE 2009 speaker cable, Harmonic Technology just released an outstanding Pro-13 Reference speaker cable.


Pro-9 Reference SE speaker cable


Catered for speakers that cannot be bi-wired, the Pro-13 Reference is the best alternative – having all the benefits of the Pro-9 Reference with just one less gauge (only 13 gauge). The Pro-13 Reference has a three-quarter inch diameter outer constructor by using 9 subgroups of various combinations of 20 AWG, 22 AWG and 24 AWG Single Crystal (OCC) Copper wires. It also contains Teflon tape wrapped around the PE, PP and PVB insulation.

Experience the joys of a live concert in the comforts of your own home with Harmonic Technology’s Pro-13 Reference speaker cable.

“The modest-looking system by Atlanta dealer Playhouse Audio was my final stop on the first day of the (Atlanta) Show but turned out to be one of the highlights of that day. Nola’s new three-way Contender speaker ($3400/pair) was being driven by Harmonic Technology: Pro-10 speaker cable and Magic 2 interconnects”
Posted by John Atkinson • Posted: Apr 17, 2011

Melody Line III Speaker Cable

Harmonic Technology’s Melody Line 12 AWG Speaker Cables use our proprietary OCC Single Crystal copper in a 12 gauge cable to transmit an extremely accurate sound. This is the best installation speaker available for the full strength (Mono) speakers. Only Bulk cable available.

Melody Line 12 AWG Speaker Cables

Jumper Cable

Harmonic Technology’s Jumper cable is designed to coordinate with your home theater systems for optimal performance, along with 11 AWG jumper cable.