Silver Component Plus

Harmonic Technology’s Silver Component Plus, available in an RCA connection, or an optional BNC and 90 degree alternative terminal, is a significant upgrade to our Crystal Component cable. It consists of a set of three 75-ohm coaxial cables (red, green and blue) to provide superior video resolution. Harmonic Technology’s Silver Component Plus cable significantly improves the depth of field, color balance, and transparency of the video signal.


Harmony Rainbow

Harmonic Technology’s Harmony Rainbow multi-channel cable is designed for home theater processors and multi-channel DVD and CD players. Harmony Rainbow consists of up to six individual cables combined in one housing; thus, it replaces three pairs of digital interconnects (six in combination of either video or audio digital cables). Harmony Rainbow can be terminated in RCA or BNC connectors. Harmony Rainbow is made using high purity silver coated (OFC) copper.