products-inex-preamp Photon Pre-Amp - INEX PHOTON PREAMP Harmonic Technology is proud to introduce a unique preamplifier, manufactured by INEX, that incorporates state-of-the-art fiber optic technologies. The INEX Photon Pre-Amp will help you explore the true sounds of your system and discover new standards in musical harmonics.
products-amplicable-elite Photon Amplicable - Harmonic Technology is proud to introduce the first all-in-one Photon Amplicable, manufactured by INEX Corp. Combining the capabilities of an interconnect cable, amplification system and speaker cable, the Photon Amplicable allows you to connect your source, or preamp, directly to your speakers for outstanding sonic reproduction. This represents an evolutionary step forward to conventional systems […]
Monoblock Power Amplifier Monoblocks Power Amplifier - INEX Monoblocks Power Amplfier   General Specifications Parameter Specifications Input Sensitivity 1 V Input Impedance 30,000 ohms Output Impedance < 0.1 ohms Frequency Response 3 dB power bandwidth (1 Hz to 1 MHz) Peak Current 15 amps Rated Power 120 W for 4 ohms; 80 W for 8 ohms Line Power 100 – 120 VAC […]

If you are looking for an amp and preamp (best as a pair) that (Photon PREAMP and associated Monoblocks) performs brilliantly, is solid-state, and will be just as extraordinary (next) 10 or 15 years from now, looks no further. Audition these INEX jewels for yourself. They are truly musical. Mr. Bob Levi, Positive-Feedback

I hope more audio enthusiasts take the trouble to seek out and listen to the Inex gear at their audio dealers and then buy the system for use in their homes. I believe they will be rewarded with a wonderful sound experience listening by light! Very highly recommended. Mr. Michael Wechsberg, Positive-Feedback

Positive Feedback ISSUE 68
July/August 2013

The A200 Linestage and A100 Amplifiers – Listening by Light

as reviewed by Michael Wechsberg with comments by Robert Levi