Photon Cables

products-PhotonLINK Photon Link Interconnect - The Photon LINK is a Photon Base fiber-class interconnects cable connecting to the PREAMP. If the destination of the Photon Cable connects to the PREAMP, the Photon LINK should be used. This product is not just an update of our first released CyberLight Wave products in 2004. This Photon Link is a complete new design. […]
products-photon-digital Photon Digital Data Link - The Photon Digital is a true 75 OHM RCA Photon Digital cable or 110 OHM AES-EBU Photon Digital (XLR) cable. Key Features: True component impedance match for either 75 OHM “RCA” or 110 OHM “XLR” Some customers and reviewers considered the Photon Digital’s performance so excellent; they didn’t feel that there are any cables among […]
products-PhotonAMP Photon Amp Interconnect - The Photon AMP is a Photon Base fiber-class interconnects cable connecting to the Amplifiers. This is not a classic copper or silver interconnect cable. If the destination of the Photon cable is an Amplifier, the Photon AMP should be used. The source could be a Preamp or a volume controlled source component. This product is […]
USBPhotonDigitalAudio Cable INEX Photon Digital / USB cable: - Harmonic Technology has just launched this cable with the following features: Play your high-end audio as if you were in a live music environment! Make your Music Server or your PC to play music as if you had used a high end CD or transport without a CD. Play high resolution music source sampling rate […]
product-photon-power i-Pure DC Power Supply - Harmonic Technology’s new i-Pure DC Power Supply replaces conventional batteries with a new purified DC power source. The i-Pure Power Supply, exclusively designed for our Photon cables, isolates the audio signals from RFI and EMI, as well as any crosstalk among electrical components. With the i-Pure Power Supply, any pair of Photon cable is made […]