Speaker Cables

pro Pro-7 Reference Armour - Harmonic Technology’s Pro-7 Reference Armour speaker cable (available in single-wire or bi-wire) is our premium signature line of Harmonic Technology speaker cables. It consist of a single crystal OCC litz copper wire plus a single crystal OCC silver plated litz copper wires with a symmetrical quad conductor design. Both larger conductors have a double-layer of […]
Pro-9 Reference SE speaker cable Pro-9 Reference SE - Harmonic Technology’s Pro-9 Reference SE 2014’s version speaker cable, (available as a mono speaker wire, internal bi-wire or external bi-wire formats), is an improved version from previously released Pro-9 Plus speaker cables. We have completely re-designed the geometry designs as well as using the soft PE and High Tech *Teflon insulation. The only conductor material […]
pro Pro-11 Reference Speaker Cable - Harmonic Technology’s Pro-11 Reference speaker cable is a major improvement from the Pro-11 Plus speaker cable. The cable continues to integrate 11 AWG Single Crystal (OCC) Copper wires, but includes a similar structure to our award-winning Pro-10 Reference speaker cables with the Teflon tape wrapped around PE, PP and PVC insulations. In addition, the Pro-11 […]
Pro-9 Reference SE speaker cable Pro-13 Reference Speaker Cable - After the successful launch of the Pro-9 Reference SE 2009 speaker cable, Harmonic Technology just released an outstanding Pro-13 Reference speaker cable.     Catered for speakers that cannot be bi-wired, the Pro-13 Reference is the best alternative – having all the benefits of the Pro-9 Reference with just one less gauge (only 13 gauge). […]
Melody Line 12 AWG Speaker Cables Melody Line III Speaker Cable - Harmonic Technology’s Melody Line 12 AWG Speaker Cables use our proprietary OCC Single Crystal copper in a 12 gauge cable to transmit an extremely accurate sound. This is the best installation speaker available for the full strength (Mono) speakers. Only Bulk cable available.
Jumper_Cable Jumper Cable - Harmonic Technology’s Jumper cable is designed to coordinate with your home theater systems for optimal performance, along with 11 AWG jumper cable.