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  1. Hi Jim,
    The Photon cables are a large improvement on the CyberLight in the following ways:

    The Soundstage is wider, deeper, and truer to the event/place captured by the recording.
    The cables also reveal a greater amount of detail and information, but they are not sterile in any way, nor hyper detailed.
    The Photon Cable also seems more extended across the frequency range.
    PS: You were also right that the cables sound better if the battery is left connected continuously, as long as one listens every day or every other day.

    • Jim Wang says:

      Yes, the newly improved i-Pure DC Power Supply has even performed better than by using the batteries.

  2. I highly recommend that anyone in the process of evaluating speaker cables put the Pro-9 at the top of their short list. After spending time with the cables listed below, I finally found everything that I was looking for in the Pro-9: incredibly strong bass with pitch definition, clear midrange and vocals clarity, extended yet silky-smooth highs, excellent tonality, and superb imaging (width, height, depth, image placement, uniformity and coherence; with recording venue ambience and spatial cues). Nothing sounds restricted, yet nothing stands out as excessive or harsh; I guess that’s the definition of balance and neutrality in a speaker cable. Very well done!!

    The following cables are excellent in their own way and have their strengths, but it was the Pro-9 that was able to do everything well, during my in-home demos and cable ownership over the last several years: Acoustic Zen Satori, Hologram II, and Double Barrel; Analysis Plus Oval 8 and Oval 9; Cardas Golden Cross and Golden Reference; Kimber 8TC; Kubala-Sosna Expression; Nordost Heimdall.

  3. Hi Jim,

    I have been using both Magic Link II RCA interconnects and Pro 9 SE 2013 speaker cables since last April. Both are fantastic cables. Detail, bass control, mids and highs are all in a harmony. I have made several blind comparison test with much more pricey cables. Harmonic Tec’s are always ahead. I hope, one day I can effort photon cables as well. Thank you Jim.

  4. Rick, valued customer from Ridgewood, New Jersey says:

    Any criticism I had before (on the CyberLight P2A) is now gone. The bass was too boomy before, now cleaner and tighter. The mids (on the CyberLight P2A) were very thin; now (the Photon Amp) sounds fullers. Love them.

  5. Bob Levi, Positive-Feedback Online says:

    (The Photon Cable) has an openness and linearity, which are stellar in their evenness and harmonic truthfulness. I hear no obvious coloration added or subtracted. There are no bumps or lumps in the spectrum to report. Depth is improved and now equals the best cables I had in house to try or had any recent experience with. The bass is deeper and more robust. Definition is tantalizingly close to the state-of-the-art. Imaging just might be state-of-the-art. The mids are realistics and supremely neutral. The highs are delicate and seductive.

  6. Jon Axtell, one happy customer says:

    Hi Jim:
    I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that the Photon Amp cables have been up and running in my system for a few weeks now, and they are incredible! As I sit here now and listen, I am just thrilled with the sonic improvements these cables deliver. What I hear with these cables is more weight, more authority, and just more realism across the frequency spectrum! Not to put too fine a point on it, just more music, period! They are definitely an improvement over the (already excellent) CyberLight! I am thrilled to once again to be pleasantly surprised by the tremendous sonic improvements and excellent service and value from you and the engineers at INEX.

    Thanks again for recommending that I pursue the upgrade, I am very glad that I did!

  7. Alan, valued customer from California says:

    Hi Jim,
    Here is my short comment via email. The Photon cables are a large improvement on the CyberLight in the following ways:

    The Soundstage is wider, deeper, and truer to the event/place captured by the recording.
    The cables also reveal a greater amount of detail and information, but they are not sterile in any way, nor hyper detailed.
    The Photon Cable also seems more extended across the frequency range.
    PS: You were also right that the cables sound better if the battery is left connected continuously, as long as one listens every day or every other day.

  8. Steven, valued customer from Hong Kong says:

    Dear Jim,
    I received the cable [2009 version of Pro-9 SE Reference speake cable] and believe me that after auditioning the cable, you have changed my mind from originally believing that changing speaker cables was nothing but a money-wasting hobby. It is absolutely amazing. I paired it with the Pro-Silway MKIII+ interconnect, and suddenly it was like upgrading my component to one of triple the price tag. I just can’t believe how this cable can reveal the real performance of my monoblocks and preamp that I have never heard before.

    Everything is so transparent and revealing now, and the full spectrum of sound can finally be achieved. Imaging is phenomenal. Highly detailed sound could be produced, and soundstaging is absolutely amazing. My wife could also appreciate the dramatic difference. Build is top-notch, and there is absolutely no weakness to be found. Super good bass response, great mid and high. Just purely amazing.

    You have my highest recommendation, and it makes me believe this is the best investment I’ve ever made. I’d spend three times more on listening to all my CD’s again. Warm regards.

  9. Michael Bladt, valued customer from Denmark says:

    Dear Jim,
    I write to you from Denmark. I got your wonderful pro 9 Reference 2009’s version speaker cable. I must say this is the best I ever have had in my system. I used Nordost Valhalla, Siltech Reference, Argento serenety and many more, but at this price, I never will find any cables out there.

    This is my new Reference. It beats every cable at 5-10 times more expensive. I hope to hear from you.

    Best regards Michael Bladt.

    PS. My equiepment is Olympia PBN Mini. Stereo amp Holfi multiplayer Xandra. Holfi pre 1.5.1, Speakers is Ayra C1 by Eben

  10. Rene, valued customer from the EU countries says:

    Dear Jim Wang,
    You did it again, making a beautiful loudspeaker cable – the Pro-9 Reference. Before the Pro-9 Reference, I have used the Zu loudspeaker cable. The Pro-9 Reference is a very balanced cable in the same class as the Cardas Golden Reference I have used in the past.

    In other disciplines, the HT Pro-9 Reference surpasses the Cardas in many respects:

    Bass quality is the best I have ever heard in my system.
    It goes down deep and low, torturing my little full-range Jordan loudspeakers to give their best.
    It’s also a high resolution cable.
    Lots of detail in the bass, mids and highs.
    The Zu is, in comparison, more bright; it also doesn’t have the “mature” quality of the Pro-9 Reference speaker cables. I can hear clearly the difference in music instruments – a piano sounds more like a piano and it seems as if the harmonic structure of the sound is more intact.

    Cardas can do the same in this respect, but I found the Golden Reference was losing some life in the sound. The Pro-9 Reference gives it all without any drawback. And last but not least, fit and finish is like all your other products of the highest quality.


  11. René de Winter, valued customer says:

    I just purchased a Pro AC-11 power cord, as part of my plan to replace a series of IXOS interconnects and standard power cables to HT products. I’m amazed at the result each time I add another one of your products.

    It adds emotion, depth and details, removes the sharp edges and eliminates what should not be there – noise. Improvement is noticeable right “out-of-the-box”. After a while, it evolves to major improvements, all against a reasonable price… Thanks for these great products.

  12. Bill, valued customer says:

    Now for a report: I have done extensive listening tests in fine tune efforts of this new system. I have compared HT interconnects with 4 of the most recommended and very costly cables.

    There is no equal to the Magic II digitals. A friend at MU engineering confirms with extensive scope work. You might consider ads for these wonderfuly neutral and clean cables.
    Magic II analogs are one of two superb cables in the world for “balance” and detail. The “flower of the hour” Shunyatas are a bit bright…good bass clarity…but have a fatal flaw in that they lose that “3-dimensionality” of superb sound. Magic II’s dominate the system I have settled on.
    In the subwoofer area I modestly disagree with the concept that cables are less critical. There is a significant difference in base tonality and realism that “drops out” with the Kimber & Siltech. As silly as it might seem I am using Magic II’s as leads to the subwoofer amps. There is more “harmonic info under 50 hZ than most people realize.

  13. Laurence, valued customer from Australia says:

    Just got the (Magic Link Two 4-meter RCA) cables…great stuff. Admittedly replacing temp low cost interconnects, but the sound now is glorious and the detail!!!

    Took away background noise, appeared to slow the music nicely, and great bass definition…well done to you and company.

  14. Stephen Chamerlain, valued customer says:

    Hi Jim,
    The Magic Link Two cable is fabulous, and I decided to use it between my Meridian 508.24 CD player an dmy Krell KCT preamp. I had a Pro-Silway XLR in that position before, but the Magic Link Two just brings me even closer to the music. Hard to describe, but the result is that my wife tells me to turn it up! That says it all!

  15. Tim Sterling, valued customer from Toronto says:

    Hello, I just wanted to pass along my experience with your cables.

    Around 5 years ago, I purchased your Truth-Link interconnect for my Shanling CD player. I was so impressed, I had my brother over for a listen to get his input. He was very familiar with my system and was blown away. He couldn’t believe interconnects could make such a difference. Two weeks later, I found out he had purchased your Pro-Silway interconnects and Pro-9 bi-wire speaker wires. I also picked up another set to go between my preamp and mono block amps.

    Well, I’m now bi-amping my speakers and needed another interconnect. I did some online reading and purchased an Acoustic Zen “wow” without hearing it. I thought it would be similar to the Truth-Link, and it was cheaper. BIG mistake. I brought it home and tried it on the CD player. It’s not that it’s a bad cable, and I know a cable needs to be burned in, but…I was no longer captivated by the music.I guess I was using the Truth-link as a yard stick and expected the same attributes. My sound stage had shrunk noticeably and the delicate “air” around the instruments and vocals was reduced. At first I thought of using the “wow” somewhere else in my system but new I wouldn’t be happy with it. I spent the next week borrowing cables and auditioning. I kept coming back to the Truth-link. Beautiful open sound-stage, richly detailed midrange and able to pick out every delicate nuance. Everything was just “right”. I just ordered another Truth-link. Without question one of the finest interconnects, and a steal for the money.

    Because of my week of comparing cables I came across the Harmonic Technology Pro-silway 3+. I had heard my brothers pro-silway 2 and couldn’t believe the big improvement with the 3+. Just more of everything, detail in spades and low level resolution with absolutely no grain. I had also borrowed an Acoustic zen silver reference 2 from a friend. This cable has a good reputation, but in my system was just too bright. it was so accentuated in the top end that the highs were all I could concentrate on. By comparison the Pro-silway 3+ was more coherent from top to bottom. It’s like the cable disappeared and the music was presented with an overall excellence I had not heard in my system before. I found the perfect place for this cable was my Teac x-1000r reel to reel. It gave my recordings a new life with the speed and low level detail I hadn’t heard in my recordings before. I’ve fallen in love with my 10” tapes again. I ended up purchasing the demo pro-silway 3+ from my dealer in Toronto.

    It’s funny, I bought the Acoustic zen “wow” to save some money and ended up spending more money. I guess you could say I’m a Harmonic technology convert, and I’m loving my setup. I’ve been into audio the last 30 years but only discovered the importance of cables 5 years ago. I could never go back to my old interconnects or speaker wires. It’s exciting to know the improvements possible with just cable changes…

  16. Dave, valued customer in Illinois says:

    Dear Jim,

    We’ve had a busy month, but I could not let any more time pass without letting you know how happy I am with the Harmonic Technology cables you sent me and to thank you for your help in choosing those cables.

    The first cable that I add to the system was the Magic Digital to my Sony Blu-Ray. My son, myself and my technologically challenged wife all saw an immediate improvement in the sound quality: crisper with more impact, especially in high tones and effects.

    We then were so excited that I installed the ProSilway MKIII+ interconnects (DAC to PreAmp, CD Player to PreAmp and PreAmp to Amp) and the Pro-9REF speaker cables. What a thrilling experience. Remember, despite having quite a bit invested in my system, and being happy with it, I was still missing the “thrill” that I felt should have been there. Well, adding your cables gave the system that “thrill” making the music more fully present, detailed and 3 dimensional with a much wider soundstage (almost throwing the sound several feet beyond where the speakers are placed). All harshness was gone from the upper registers and the bass (I’m using 2 way bookshelf Esoteric MG-10 speakers) was much more of a factor in the overall sound. No need for those subs I was contemplating (as you predicted).

    I have to share this with you. My wife’s only comment when I have music on is to ask me to lower it or turn it off. I swear to you that for several weeks now, since adding your cables, she walks into the room dancing. I’m not kidding; she is actually enjoying music and very happy to have it playing and, get this, for the first time in our 20 years of marriage, actually turns the volume UP!

    I must say that while I always thought that quality cables were important, I never realized that the right cables are essential; and, to my ears and my system, the Harmonic Technology cables seem to supply everything that I thought was missing from the listening experience.

    Thank you so much for helping me pick the right cables and giving me the information I needed to make the decision that worked out so well.

    I will continue to be a loyal customer as need arises to purchase audio and video cables.

    With warm regards

  17. Remco Meijer, valued customer from the Netherlands says:

    Just received a demo pair of [Harmonic Technology] Pro-Silway MKIII+. Right now, I’m able to compare the Pro-Silway MKII, MKIII and MKIII+ side-by-side in my system. The differences were audible right out of the box. No need to say, I’m very curious how things will progress over time. In a few days, I’ll add a power cord to my components (HT Pro-AC11) to see what that brings.

    If you should need additional, objective listening experiences during your R&D stage(s), from someone who also owns a high-resolution system, I’m available. Since I’m a R&D man myself, I know it’s vital to have feedback from the “end users,” also from out of Europe.

  18. Dexter M. Price, valued customer says:

    Good morning Jim,
    Even though I did not know I was waiting, the wait for Harmonic Technology’s Magic Reference II Special Edition Power Cord with “PureAC Module” was well worth it! The performance was EXCELLENT. Although I have been able to put only about 50 hours of “juice” through it, it has greatly exceeded my expectations after reading your literature.

    According to our conversation, I placed the Magic Reference II Special Edition Power cord between my Equi-Tech custom-made power conditioner and my Spectral preamp. The Magic Reference II Special Edition greatly reduced noise levels which resulted, naturally, in appreciably more musical information. There is greater definition across the musical spectrum: tighter bass with better tone, crash cymbals and high-hats shimmer more, the sounds of drum sticks and brushes on snare drums are crisper and more realistic. And the female voice? Think 3D. Additionally, horns maintain their power without the harshness that one sometimes hears due to noise that gets into the signal stream.

    This power cord took my system to a new level. I love it! By the way, this power cord is favorably competitive with power cords that cost a LOT more! Thanks again!

  19. Andrew P. Carey, valued customer says:

    Dear Jim,
    Well, once again, you have created an amazing product. The Magic Reference 2 Power cord is as its name implies, simply magical. If you have ever heard someone say a veil has been lifted and wondered what they were talking about, give this cord a try; it will give you the experience of lifting off an entire sheet.

    This power cord is amazing. I was definitely skeptical at first, as my past experience with power cord upgrades was not what I would call positive. Although there was always some sort of improvement, most cords seem to me to sound unnatural. The Harmonic Technoloy pure ac module has changed my opinion about what a power cord can do for a system.

    I will go so far as to suggest to anyone reading this, if you are in any way thinking of upgrading your system – new amp, new cd/dvd player, new speakers – it really does not matter what you are thinking of upgrading; I promise you there is an excellent chance the Magic Reference 2 Power cord will be the upgrade your system really needs.

    Pure Power is an amazing thing. Everything is so quiet and when the music beat out, it moves you right then and there. The performance here in all ranges of the musical spectrum is exceptional. I could not be more pleased with my purchase. I highly recommend the Magic Reference 2 Power cord for both audio and video lovers. I know this Power cord is going to bring a lot of pleasure into the homes of people who really enjoy and appreciate quality electronics. It may seem expensive to some, including me, and yet when you experience what it has to offer, I believe you will find the expense well justified. It is like giving your system high taste after a lifetime of regular. It will be running smoother, quieter and accelerating faster, while perfomring all functions at their optimum capability. You can almost hear it thanking you.

    Thank you again, Jim, for recommending I try this power cord. I would have really missed out if I didn’t trust in your recommendation, like I did.

  20. J Paulino, Valued customer says:

    Dear Jim:

    This cable, Harmonic Tech Magic Link 2, has to be the best cable I have ever come across.

    I never knew interconnects can make such a difference. I thought it was small but with the Magic link2 the difference is big. Tell Jim Wang that I said thank you very much and I really happy with my set up now.

  21. Phil B., Valued Customer says:

    Feedback from Magic Horizon Ref. Power Cords and Pro-9 Ref. 2013 version Speaker Cable

    Dear Jim,

    I have to write and say that you have hit a home run again with you 2013 Pro 9 Reference speaker cables and the New Magic Horizon Power Cords have lowered the noise floor to such an extent that you clearly and easily hear more detail, air, and a much deeper sound stages, yet with no aggressiveness, nor forwardness as most cable have to do to give you the impression of detail and air, yet leave the meat and soul of the music behind in the process.

    These new designs again continue your many years of producing top notch cables regardless of price. You never have made a bad sounding cable, and there are very few manufactures that can make that claim, and as you know I’ve been in this hobby and business for a very long time.

    Jim, I just wanted you to know great job again, you make what this hobby should be about and that is reproducing the recording in as much fidelity as possible, your cables help make this happen. I don’t listen to the gear with your cables I listen to the music. Please feel free to use this as needed.

  22. M. Egan, Valued Customer says:

    HDMI, Digital Silver as a super Video cable.

    Dear Jim,

    Thank you very much, but it really is all true. Movies watched with your cables., (HDMI and Digital Silver) are more “film like” (to refer to phrase that has been used far too often in the past) when compared to the crisp digital images you get from today’s flat panel televisions, and is one which is much more pleasing to the eye.

    However, the one obvious mistake I made in my statement is that there actually is a digital phase in between your cables and the images on my Sony 70XBR, which occurs when the signals are processed into SXRD (which is what Sony calls their version of liquid crystal on silicone, more commonly known as LYCOS), so it’s not entirely analog all the way through. Nonetheless, your cables still make the images on my Sony look like they’re from a huge CRT projector.

    Honestly, they’re quite amazing.
    Anyway keep well, and I have not forgotten about my debt to you. I just need a little more time.

    Many thanks!

  23. Great products.. but what have you done with the 2014 cables?! why change a great look to something (in my opinion) horrible?!


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